Energy therapies



Reiki is a technique of energy transfer, which originates from Japan; which is practiced by hands-on healing, transferring the universal energy to the recipient. During a Reiki session, the energy acts on both, the physical body and on the psychological one, helping the healing of ailments and the correction of mental and emotional disorders.

With Reiki, physical ailments and mental and emotional issues are treated Reiki immerses the recipient into a very beneficial deep state of relaxation and peace; at a physical level, relieves pain, strengthens the immune system and strengthens the body against any disease.


The Yuen Methodology is an energetic medicine technique that combines the ancient healing art of Shaolin temples in China with the Western science, fusing anatomy, physiology, structural analysis, energy technology, quantum physics and the practice of Qi and Shen Gong.

This methodology is based on the verification that the different levels of awareness that human beings are made of are consistent with each other, so that it can relieve pain and achieve pre planned goals. The Yuen Methodology allows distinguishing and correcting the multiple layers that prevents the manifestation of our highest potential.


The Hebrew pendulum is a therapy that integrates the benefits of the radiesthesia with the vibrational medicine.
The radiesthesia allows to obtain real answers from electromagnetic stimuli; in the case of the Hebrew Pendulum, it is the instrument itself which one of its sides can be used for this purpose, and provides a valuable guide for diseases and inharmonious states of all kinds.

The therapeutic principle of vibrational medicine is to subject the person to their essential vibration to restore their health (natural state) through mantras or words of power that release healing vibrations; in the case of the Hebrew Pendulum, Hebrew mystical language is used to release specific vibrations.


The sound therapy is based on the principle of resonance, by which a more intense and harmonic vibration spreads to a weaker, dissonant or unhealthy one.

The sound of Tibetan bowls has a healing and relaxing effect that brings a sense of body unity, mind and spirit, providing wellbeing, energetic balance and a great inner peace, as it produces high frequency waves that when applied to the energetic field of the recipient makes the recipient regain their natural vibration, improving their physical, mental and spiritual health and unblocking negative patterns creating inner peace and balance.


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